Authentic Italian pizza is loved by many people all over the globe, and that’s because they are simply that good. If you carefully think about it, Italian pizza is one of the simplest looking dishes you’ll ever lay your eyes upon. However, there is a certain perfection to such simplicity that really captures the taste buds of a pizza lover.

Being a pizza lover myself, Italian style pizza is always my go-to food whenever I want to de-stress or have a quick filling meal after my student removals Sheffield job. Throughout the years, I have tasted plenty of Italian pizza takeaway joints, and I have certainly figured out which ones are really great. With that being said, if you are someone that wants the best tasting Italian pizzas here in Sheffield, then here are the three highest rated Italian pizza takeaway joints in the city.


Italia Uno 

Italia Uno Takeaway in Sheffield | Delivery Menu & Prices | Uber Eats

Italia Uno is a favourite pizza joint by many Italian style pizza lovers here in the city. One of the main reasons why this place really stands out, is their ability to consistently maintain the great tasting Italian pizzas that they made them popular in the first place. This only goes to show that this is a pizza joint that is really dedicated to maintaining the quality of the products that they serve to their customers. A really great high rated pizza takeaway joint that you should miss going for when you are in Sheffield.


The Italian Kitchen

PONTI'S ITALIAN KITCHEN - FOX VALLEY, Sheffield - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

The Italian Kitchen is a Sheffield pizza takeaway joint that is always being reviewed in online sites such as TripAdvisor, and it always gets plenty of five star reviews. Here, you can indulge on excellent authentic Italian pizzas, be it takeaway or dine-in. There are plenty of people have bought pizza from this place, and you rarely see someone that is not satisfied with what they were able to get. Apart from their wide range of authentic Italian pizzas, the staff of this place are always delightfully welcoming towards customers, and that’s why I love ordering from this place.


Napoli Centro 

Plenty of people in Sheffield would easily argue that the Napoli Centro is the best place in Sheffield for authentic Italian pizzas. This place has been the go-to pizza joint many pizza lovers in the city for great tasting, hot, and deliciously fresh Italian pizzas. From the pizza options that they offer, up to the services that its staff provide for customers, the Napoli Centro is highly praised by its customers. If you are someone that wants pizza from a tested and proven joint, then this is another excellent option for you.

These Are The Best Pizza Places To Try Out In Sheffield

So pizza lovers, if you are visiting or living in Sheffield, then these are the three best or highest rated pizza takeaway joints that you should consider for great tasting Italian style pizza. There are other joints out there today, but none of them can really compare to what these three can bring to the table, at least so far. With that said, if you find yourself craving for some amazing pizzas later on, be sure to give these three a try if you haven’t done so yet.


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