The foodie culture has seriously been developing in Sheffield this past few years, and that is why there are now plenty of amazing restaurants in the city. Working at the Sheffield removals industry, we have seen an increasing number of clients in the restaurant industry throughout the past few years. Personally, I am very happy with this because I am a foodie, and I really enjoy the way our restaurant industry have been improving as of late.

As far as favourite foods go, I am a burger person and that is why I was extremely happy when I started seeing more burger joints open for business in the city. Today, you will easily find a joint that can serve decent burgers that can leave your cravings for such a meal, easily satisfied. However, if you are someone that only wants the best burgers that the town has to offer, then there are several restaurant names that you should keep in mind. With that being said, below are the three best burger joints in Sheffield today.


The Common Room 

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The Common Room is known as an amazing sports bar in the city, perhaps even the best in the country itself. However, not a lot of people actually know that they serve burgers here that will leave any burger lover drooling just by seeing them. Their burgers are a thing of beauty, and you can really tell that they are tasty and juicy just by looking at them. This is a really great place to visit if you want to have excellent quality burgers, while watching your favourite sports with friends.


Smokin Bull Burger and Grill 

The 88 Sheffield city centre restaurants and pubs in the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme - YorkshireLive

What makes Smokin Bull Burger and Grill really stand out from the crowd, is their inventive burgers. I personally think that they are the most inventive burger joints in the city, from the sauces they use, up to the toppings that their burgers have. Once you are here, expect to have a taste of burgers that are an absolute sensation flavour-wise. Other than that, they also serve them in massive portions, so be sure to have your appetite ready before coming here.



Unit is a Halal burger joint that serves some amazing gourmet burgers, the best ones in town if I may add. These are the burgers that many of us dream of eating in a regular basis, and that is why it is one of my favourite joints in the city as of today. You can’t really ask for anything more from their burgers, and that’s because they are always juicy, big portioned, and oozing with the right flavours. Always a delight to be in this place and eating the amazing burgers that they serve.

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So there you have it, if you ever find yourself craving for the best burgers in Sheffield, then these are the three burger joints that you should consider going for. The moment you taste their burgers, I’m pretty sure that you will end up visiting each of them over and over again. That’s just how great the burgers are from these three joints.

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