At Swift Removals, we’re known for our effective house removals. However, we also offer comprehensive office removals that are very popular with local businesses in and around the Sheffield area. If your business is moving premises, this can feel like a huge, stressful project. It really doesn’t need to be! All you have to do is hire the right removals firm (like Swift Removals) and follow this advice to prepare your Sheffield team. It comes from years of experience.

1. Prepare and share a timeline.

Moving office can be an uncertain time for employees. They may feel unsure about how the transition is going to affect them and their workload. The best thing you can do to reassure them is share a timeline that clearly outlines every step of the process.

Be clear about what is expected of them throughout. Address their concerns and ask for suggestions on how you can make the process easier. They will undoubtedly appreciate your openness and honesty.

2. Take them to visit the new space.

You want to make your office move an exciting time for your team. To generate enthusiasm, take them to the new location and share your vision for its layout. They might have some great ideas on how to maximise the space!

Once they have a visual image of what the space is like, it will be easier for them to envision the move. Involving your team in the process makes it feel like a shared project rather than an imposition. You might ask them for suggestions on how to celebrate the move too!

3. Ask the right people to update company materials.

If your business has brochures and other promotional materials, you’ll need to update them. Form a team to handle these jobs and ask someone to update your regular customers on the change too. Your website and social media might have your address on it. Ask the appropriate staff member to fix this for you.

You might want to organise a promotion or a celebration to make the most of this transition. It’s an interesting narrative that can be used for marketing purposes. The most creative team members should be able to handle this for you.

4. Together, develop an inventory list.

A transition period can be a vulnerable time for a company. Some people might take advantage of the chaotic atmosphere to steal items. Lack of attention could also result in items being lost during the process. To avoid this, involve your team in preparing a comprehensive inventory.

Allocate responsibility for specific items and equipment to specific team members. Together, you can ensure that everything arrives safely to its location. Remember to thank staff members for any additional work they put in over this period. A gesture of thanks is sure to be appreciated, whether that’s a bonus or a staff dinner.

5. Hire a company to lighten the load.

The best thing you can do to make an office removal easier for your Sheffield team is to hire the right removals company. A dependable service like Swift Removals will make a huge difference to your team’s experience!

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