Moving can be intimidating enough, but moving somewhere you’ve never been before is even more adventurous! Over the years, the team at Swift Removals has welcomed many newcomers to the local area. We have also moved many people to new places, and we know the nervousness that they often experience during the process. Read on for some tips we picked up from people who move to a brand new place.

1. Research in advance.

Let yourself get excited about the move by researching great things about your new place. If you have a hobby, find places to practice it. Write a list of bars and restaurants you want to visit. Mark on a map (physical or Google) as many places as you can including parks, coffee shops, and interesting-looking shops.

When you arrive, you won’t feel at a loss for plans. You’ll already have a packed to-do list to work through! This is a fun way to get familiar with a new place. If your friends have ever been there before, you can also ask them for recommendations.

2. Join local Facebook groups

Social media is an amazing tool for meeting new people. Undoubtedly, your area will have its own Facebook groups that you can join. These are useful because they let you know about local news and events. Of course, on social media, you get a lot of complainers too, but try to focus on the positives. Every area has its pros and cons!

You might even consider introducing yourself with a post on the page. Why not ask what everyone’s favourite takeaway restaurant is or where the best place is to watch the football? These questions will undoubtedly attract a range of responses, and you might find that you’re not the only newcomer to the area looking for guidance!

3. Schedule some time for exploration.

It’s a good idea to take a few days off work once you’ve moved to a new place. Not only can you get unpacked but you can also get familiar with your immediate surroundings. Don’t feel like you need a strict plan for these days. Instead, feel free to just walk around and absorb your new environment. A good idea is to tuck your phone away for a while. People-watching is far more entertaining anyway; it’s a fun way to get a feel for your local area!

4. Be open and polite.

If a place is brand new, making social connections is bound to be a priority. First impressions are important! Make sure that you greet your neighbours in a friendly way. In small towns especially, news travels fast. You don’t want the gossip to be that you’re cold or distant!

To endear yourself further to your neighbours, you might consider taking them a small treat. If you bake, sharing cookies can be a nice ice-breaker. You could enquire about community groups too. These actions show that you’re sincerely enthusiastic about integrating yourself into your area. If the people are friendly like those in Sheffield, they’ll respond positively to your interest!

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