Putting items in storage? The team at Swift Removals Sheffield suggests you follow this 9 step plan to ensure you make the most of your storage space and preserve your items perfectly.

  1. Check what can be stored in your unit. Some facilities have limits on what can be kept there, so make sure you’re familiar with the rules before you accidentally break them! These rules generally reflect common sense: of course, it’s dangerous to store items such as chemicals and fireworks in a unit.
  2. Choose what you want to store. Remember, the more you store, the bigger the unit you will require. Bigger units cost more. There’s no point in storing items you will never use. Donate or dump them instead. Then, you can ensure that everything in your storage unit deserves its place.
  3. Make a list of what you keep there. During a busy move, you might lose track of what’s in storage and what’s in boxes. Avoid any unnecessary panic by writing a comprehensive list of all the items in your storage space. It will be useful to consult in the future, too.
  4. Clean your items. You don’t want to be faced with a musty smell every time you enter your storage space. Before you pack items away, give them a quick clean. Use disinfectant wipes and cleaning sprays to freshen them up first. This will help to prevent an unpleasant mildew scent from developing.
  5. Use plastic bins or carefully labelled boxes. A common mistake is to throw everything into boxes without any type of strategy. This means that when you go to retrieve a specific item, you end up turning your storage space upside down looking for it! Instead, use transparent plastic bins or label your boxes very carefully, noting all their contents.
  6. Take preventative protective measures. If you can afford a climate-controlled storage space, then that’s great! However, they tend to be more expensive. To protect your items from the elements, ensure they are dry before packing them. Seal all boxes tightly. Store clothes in garment bags. Wrap sensitive items like electronics in plastic. Wrap all furniture in a cotton sheet.
  7. Take large items apart. If you are storing furniture such as beds and dining tables, you should definitely disassemble them first. Why? Because otherwise, you are wasting space in your storage unit! It’s also much easier to protectively wrap each small part.
  8. Get your appliances ready. You don’t want them to break during transit, and you want to keep them safe during their time in storage. Clean them first and keep any loose parts in one bag. Then, wrap in bubble wrap or foram. Leave any appliance doors, for example, on a fridge, open — this prevents moisture from accumulating inside.
  9. Store your items sensibly. Large, heavy items should be at the bottom of your unit. It’s best to lay mattresses flat without heavy items on top: this avoids damaging the springs. Think about the items you’ll need most frequent access to and put them in an easy-to-reach place.

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