Moving out of your parents’ house can be really exciting, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking! After all, you’re about to become independent, and that’s a lot of responsibility. We’re used to helping young people move here at Swift Removals. That’s why we developed this handy checklist for our customers.




  • Deposit
  • New items
  • Removals
  • Budget

First of all, you’ll need to save for a deposit for the new place. If you’re renting, that will typically be at least one month’s rent in advance. Save a little extra to cover any rental fees that might apply. If you’re buying a place, expect to be asked for around 15% of the property cost. Again, solicitor fees will apply.

It’s highly possible that you’ll need to buy some new items for your place. Look for affordable options. Try budget stores or online marketplaces to find good deals. If you need furniture, consider second hand as a possibility. This could save you a significant sum.

Hire an affordable removals company to help you perform the move. Ask for a few quotes before you decide on the best company. If you’re not moving furniture, a man and a van may be all that you need. Here at Swift Removals, we have a range of services suitable for young people moving out of their parents’ place.


Once you’ve sorted out your new digs, it’s time to assess your budget. List all bills and expenses you expect to pay. Make an average weekly shopping list so you have a clear idea of the cost. It’s always sensible to overestimate slightly and give yourself some wiggle room. Mark on the calendar when bills need to be paid so they don’t come as a surprise.




  • List
  • Packing Materials
  • Packing

Write a list of everything you want to take. A good way to approach this list is to first consider what your necessities are. These are all the items you’ll need to sleep, eat, and wash. You should also include items to keep your place clean. If you’ve not been responsible for cleaning at your parents’ place, ask them what supplies you’ll need.

Next, think about the luxuries you want to take with you. These are the things that improve your quality of life and help you to enjoy yourself. Your new place will be your home, so make it as comfortable as possible!

Don’t spend money on packing materials. Ask around for cardboard boxes and use your own clothes and bedding as insulation. Pack items away in an organised fashion so that they’re easily unpacked at the other end.

Living independently is a big step, and you’ll have to think about things you probably took for granted at your parents’ place. A strategic and sensible approach can make your life easier and free up your time for fun with your friends. Remember, it’s natural to be homesick, and there’s no shame in calling your parents for support if you feel a little overwhelmed or lonely!

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