Moving can be an expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. Over our many years of providing affordable removals services in the Sheffield area, the team at Swift Removals has uncovered a few handy hacks for saving money on your move. Read on to discover how you can move home in Sheffield even if you don’t have any money saved.

1. Make some money from what you have.

First things first, why not try to make some money? If you have toys, books, appliances or furniture you no longer use, you might be able to sell them online. Facebook marketplace and eBay are two platforms that allow you to sell second-hand items with ease.

This could be a great way to beef up your budget while reducing the number of items that you have to pay to move. It’s a win-win!

2. Find your own packing materials

Why invest in expensive packing materials when you can use items you have around the house? Instead of moving mats, you can use duvets, towels, and blankets to line your delicate items.

Ask local supermarkets and businesses if they have cardboard boxes you can use. For necessary items like tape, you can head to the bargain store or even ask a neighbour to borrow theirs. Small purchases add up quickly, so be smart about what you buy.

3. Look for the most affordable removals service.

Of all the tips, this one will make the biggest difference to your budget. There are so many moving companies operating in Sheffield, and they all charge different prices. It’s worth shopping around to find the best option possible.

Remember, you’re looking for a balance of high quality and low cost. The last thing you want is to end up with an incompetent removals firm. Instead, look for a company that’s experienced and affordable, just like Sheffield Removals!

4. Clean using pound store products.

When you leave a house or flat, you’re expected to return it in perfect condition. Don’t go splashing cash on a professional cleaner if you don’t have to. Instead, buy a load of bargain store cleaning products and ask your friends to help you out.

You may have to provide them with a pizza to convince them, but this is an economical investment when compared to the cost of a professional cleaner.

5. Decorate on a budget.

If your new place needs a makeover, you needn’t spend a fortune making it look good. Without savings, you can still ensure your space looks amazing. Research Pinterest DIY hacks: there are so many creative ideas on there that will make your new home feel super special.

Remember, second-hand furniture exists! You could find some great ornaments in a charity shop. Given the current vintage trend, it makes perfect sense to shop second-hand and look for treasures on the cheap.

The team at Swift Removals is ready when you are! We’ll make your Sheffield move affordable and effortless. Call for a quotation today and you may be surprised by our competitive rates!

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