Who knows removals better than the team at Swift Removals Sheffield? They’ve been performing removals of all shapes and sizes for decades, so they know the best packing strategies for an easy move.

Everybody wants moving day to go smoothly and nobody wants to be stuck in the packing or unpacking stage for longer than strictly necessary. That’s why the team has put together 5 tips for anyone about to start packing up their possessions.

It may seem like an intimidating task right now, but these suggestions make it much more manageable! Read on for 5 clever and easy packing hacks. Your Sheffield move doesn’t need to be stressful, after all!

  • Plan your packing to perfection.
    • Don’t make the mistake of simply jumping into packing with no strategy in mind. Instead, consider the following questions:
    • Which rooms do I use the least? You should pack those first. Do entire rooms at a time rather than a little bit here and a little bit there.
    • What items will you need during the packing process? For example, if you pack away your toothbrush on the first day, this doesn’t seem very practical!
    • What items do I want to take? This is the perfect moment to declutter your living space. Only take what you really need to your new place.
  • Get your packing materials on the cheap.
    • There’s really no need to spend a fortune on packing materials. You’re undoubtedly paying out enough already on your move!
    • Instead, ask around. Local shops should be willing to give you their cardboard boxes for free. This is a little extra effort, but it could be a great money-saver.
    • For must-haves like scissors, tape, and markers, go to your local pound shop.
    • Are you packing delicate items? Instead of buying packing mats, you can use towels, blankets, and bedsheets to wrap them.
    • The more money you save on packing materials, the more you have to spend on new things for your new place!
  • Look after your valuables.
    • A great removals firm like Swift Removals Sheffield will take great care of all of your possessions. However, if you have something especially delicate or important to you, you can take additional action to keep it super-safe.
    • Label boxes with everything that’s packed inside so you know at a glance where your possessions are.
    • Wrap fragile items in fabric to protect them during the journey. Secure all bottles so there are no nasty spillages that could cause damage. Keep jewelry in individual boxes so it doesn’t get tangled.
    • Lastly, put all of your important documents in plastic folders and keep them in one place.
  • Find small spaces and fill them.
    • Make the most of your removals by finding small spaces to store items. In shoes, you can keep pens, keys, and small ornaments.
    • Use every pocket of your suitcases and backpacks — they’re perfect for little things like socks and pants! The fewer unnecessary boxes, the better.
  • Hire a great removals team.
    • If you choose one like Swift Removals Sheffield, you may find they’re willing to help with some of your packing chores. For example, we’re more than willing to disassemble your furniture. We’ll even assemble it again on the other side!

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