We don’t like to brag, but here at Swift Removals we’re considered experts in the moving process. That’s because we’ve performed countless removals in and around Sheffield over the years. Our customers are always keen to save some money on their move, so we’ve compiled these handy tips for anyone who is moving across the country and wants to do so as affordably as possible.

1. Sell what you don’t need.

When you pay for a move, you’ll find that the more you transport the more expensive it is. It makes no sense to spend a fortune moving items that you have no intention of using.

Get organised and go through your possessions, making piles based on what should be kept and what should be thrown. From the “to go” pile, decide what can be discarded, what can be donated, and what can be sold. That’s right! You can save and make money on your move when you sell off some of your stuff.


2. Find free moving supplies.


Why would you spend money on packing materials? You can source cardboard boxes for free very easily. Simply approach local stores and ask if they have any going spare.

You can also get smart with your own possessions. If you have duvets, clothes, and towels to pack, then you won’t need to buy insulation for delicate items. You can use what you already have.

3. Choose your moving date wisely.

Before you finalise your moving date, consult local removals firms and ask when is the cheapest time to move. Some firms have seasonal rates and others have cheaper prices during the week when compared to the weekend. Firms like ours, Swift Removals, offer affordable Sheffield removals any day of the week and any time of the year!

Book your removals firm in advance to ensure you get the best deal possible.

4. Research cheap removals options.

We know that we offer the best value for money when it comes to Sheffield removals, but we’d never expect you to take our word for it! We suggest that anyone looking for a removals company requests a few quotes first to make a comparison.

Remember, you’re not just comparing cost; you’re also comparing quality. Look for an experienced firm like Swift Removals to make moving day as smooth as possible.

5. Avoid deposit deductions.

If your old place looks a little worse for wear, you might avoid deposit deductions by paying a handyman to make some quick fixes. Otherwise, your landlord might overcharge you for relatively small repairs. Make sure you leave the place clean, too!

6. Do it in one trip.

If you can be smart about your packing, you can ensure that your removal only requires one trip. Need some help when it comes to packing? Feel free to contact Swift Removals and we’ll help you strategize your move, making it as cost-effective as it possibly can be.

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