Piano Removals Sheffield

Sometimes people are surprised to learn that piano removals is its own niche in the removals industry. After all, they think, surely it’s no different from moving a particularly heavy table or something similar? They couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, pianos are heavy and awkwardly shaped. However, our team is used to moving heavy and awkwardly shaped items! That’s our bread and butter. What makes a piano removal different is the special sensitivity of the instrument. Although a piano is thought of as very strong and sturdy, it is vulnerable to damage because it has so many individual pieces that are essential to its mechanisms. Even just transporting a piano in the wrong temperature can have a devastating impact on how it works! That’s why we always advise hiring a professional when it comes to moving a piano.

Piano Removals Sheffield

If you know anything about pianos, you’ll know they come in a range of sizes. Some are easier to lift than others. For example, pianos can be vertical or horizontal. This means they are either very wide or very tall, and both shapes require specific consideration since their sensitive pieces are contained in different places. We have moved pianos of all shapes and sizes which is why we feel confident in marketing our piano removal services to the citizens of Sheffield. We understand that a piano is a precious possession, so we approach the job with the appropriate level of care and conscientiousness. We will do everything we can to maintain the integrity of your instrument during the relocation process. You can trust the team at Sheffield Removals.

There are a range of risks involved in moving a piano independently, without the assistance of trained professionals. First of all, you have an increased risk of causing damage to the instrument. If you treat it as a basic heavy lifting job, this is your first mistake. There is a lot more to it than that, and if you try to cut costs on a professional service you may end up spending much more in the long run on repairs and replacement due to shoddy removals work. Also, there is the potential for personal injury. Here at Sheffield Removals, we have the training to safely remove a piano so no damage is done — to the wall, to the individual, or to the piano itself! We know what we’re doing when it comes to Sheffield piano removals. 

Piano Removals Sheffield – A professional service

If you need support to relocate your piano, you’ll be glad to hear that we offer a low cost service in Sheffield and the surrounding area. Call us today and we can provide a quotation for the work that is sure to pleasantly surprise you! We have decades of experience providing all kinds of removal services in the local area, so you can trust us to handle your possessions with due care and attention. We are the team to trust when you need to move a piano in the Sheffield area! We look forward to working with you on your next removals job.

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